Declaration of use of Cookies by Findojobs

All the websites included under the web domains findojobs, buscojobs and/or cercojobs use cookies in order to provide more secure services, adaptable to each user and thus achieve a better user experience.

What are Cookies

These are small pieces of text that are stored on the user's device once their web browser connects to a website, this information is usually protected by encryption and allows, for example, remember the preferences and interests of users evidenced in previous visits.

What type of Cookies are used

Session and Temporary. There are session Cookies that last while the user is browsing and allow secure access to content that is their exclusive domain; and there are also temporary cookies that They last for a limited number of days and allow you to personalize relevant content.

What are they used for?

Analytics and user experience. They allow us to collect statistical data about our users and consolidate information on the way in which our services are used, the origin of visits, data demographics, search history and areas of interest. In this way we avoid asking about information already provided in previous visits.

Compliance verification. We use it to verify that each user who comes to our portals agrees and accepts the expressed conditions of use.

Security. They are used in the application of security measures that allow safeguarding the User information from misuse by third parties or illegal spoofing practices.

Third-party cookies

We also use third-party cookies that provide us with specific information analysis services such as Google Analytics, or for commercial purposes such as the Google advertising network. The information stored is anonymous, excluding any personal reference. To obtain information on how Google processes the collected data, See the Google's Privacy Policy .

Possibility of removal and objection

At any time you can delete the Cookies stored in your browser, in addition to configuring it the possibility of deactivating or restricting their storage. To help you in this endeavor if that were your intention, we attach the links where the procedure for the most popular web browsers is explained: