Videographer For Free Hug Event

Videographer For Free Hug Event


Videographer For Free Hug Event

Details of the offer

Our mission is to create more Connectedness, Acceptance, Love & Happiness within our community one HUG at a time.
We are looking for a Videographer to take a video or our event Sunday 29th for 2 1/2 hours. There are multiple events, 1 a month for the next 4 months.
You would need your own video camera or similar, be proficient with editing software and deliver a great edited version within 3 days after each event with a high-resolution file. I am just looking for this one event at this time.Why? Hugs make you feel connected Hugs greatly reduce stress Hugs are a silent way to let people know they matter
In a country where physical touch is often not the norm, our love language or need of physical touch through hugs is often not met and although only a small part of loving a wonderful life, they are incredibly important.
We have a number of unhappy and stressed people within our community, not in getting their hug quota met.
Take a moment to imagine right now, how awesome you might feel getting a loving and meaningful hug? You will feel happier, calmer, less stressed, and more loving, that's from just 1 hug and you could get a number of hugs from different people at this and future events.
Imagine living in a city where we smiled and more often shared a kind word and a meaningful hug with a stranger or loved one...
If you would like to get involved and be part of a movement spreading LOVE, kindness, compassion, 1 hug at a time, we still have positions available, get in touch.

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