Farming Operations Manager - North

Farming Operations Manager - North

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Farming Operations Manager - North

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Auckland Council’s farming operation spans across 19 Regional Park locations throughout the Auckland region and at 1430ha is thought to be one of the world’s largest urban farming enterprises. The farming operations comprise 6650 sheep/1200 cattle in total, both breeding and finishing. Stock class management, breed type, stocking rates and sheep to cattle ratio are set on the best fit for managing public land without compromising the park resources and wider objectives.
The Farming Operations Manager – North will be responsible for providing leadership, direction and support to the farming teams in the Northern geographical sector in a way that enhances the financial and physical performance of the 8 Regional Parks (766ha effective) in your area. This diverse role will be tasked with ensuring an effective farming system, team leadership, financial budgeting and managing farm production activities including livestock breeding and trading. As the Farming Operations Manager you will lead by example and champion the Auckland Council brand with a strong desire to create a culture of excellence, providing a pathway for those in the business to grow and add value.
This position requires exceptional all-round farming skills with a team of 2-3 working dogs, an excellent understanding of supply and demand, the ability to utilise feed and convert pasture to meat and wool. Your demonstrated experience in leading teams, farm technology, manging people and resources will be highly valued. This is a role where you will have the platform and support to express your full range of skills, apply your trade and develop your brand into the future.
Auckland Council stands for excellent environmental, social and farming outcomes and has committed a specialised business unit to ensure the farming strategy is executed. Apply your operational farming expertise to this farming business where quality land, livestock, infrastructure and the best people are central to its goals.
To view a Job Information Pack or to apply, please press the 'Apply Now' button or phone the Rural Directions team in confidence on 06 871 0450 (Reference #8003).
Applications close 5pm Monday, 30th September 2019.

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